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Apostille in New Zealand

New Zealand is a party to the Convention and is in full force. Please contact the following offices in NZ for getting apostille.

Before a document originating from New Zealand can be used overseas, apostille must be affixed to the document issued by New Zealand authorities. If the document is to be used in any country not part of hague convention, you need an Authentication Certificate.

Please see website:

Documents can be sent by post and collected later.


  • Marriage, birth and death certificates issued in NZ.
  • Business and corporate documents
  • All documents such as copy of passport, driving license copy, school/university documents, documents originating from other countries, needs to be notarized from notary public before applying for apostille. Please refer to for specific information.


NZ$ 32.00 per Apostille Certificate. $ 15 per additional apostille (Apostille of identical document/same issuing authority)

You can pay by:
* Cheque made out to The Department of Internal Affairs; or
* VISA/Mastercard details (card number, expiry date and name of cardholder); or
* money order.